Policy Management Meets GIGA in 2015

The Faculty of Policy Management joins the GIGA Program in September 2015. The GIGA Program, launched in 2011 under the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, will expand to the Faculty of Policy Management in 2015, which will provide wide-ranging opportunities to study governance, management, and international relations. With the twin faculties, the expanded GIGA Program will aim to cultivate highly competent professionals and leaders in the global, multilingual and multicultural society.

Why the GIGA Program?

Problems and issues in our society and the world have become increasingly complex, and designing solutions for them requires a broad integrated knowledge across various fields. The GIGA Program trains students to identify and resolve these complex issues by offering an education that integrates technology, science, design, and governance. The GIGA Program, taught in English, prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary for this era of rapid progress, thus positioning them for preeminent careers in global enterprises.

Why SFC?

View the videos below for an introduction to studying in the GIGA Program, at SFC. Meet our professors, discover SFC’s interactive project based learning, hear from current students and explore the area surrounding our campus. See for yourself the exciting world of opportunities that awaits you here at SFC.

SFC Professor Videos