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Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management

Cross-Disciplinary Approach to the Problems Facing 21st Century Society

At SFC, we aim to equip our students with the skills to identify and solve problems for themselves. In the increasingly complex and unpredictable world we live in, it is not enough merely to master a body of existing knowledge. The professionals in demand are those who can judge a new situation accurately, then design the necessary technology, system, or organization to maximize its benefits.

To achieve a better world–an eco-friendly, poverty-free society that combines longevity with vitality–we will need the resources of a wide range of disciplines. The issues to be addressed may involve legal and economic systems, technology, and even people’s awareness. At the Faculty of Policy Management, we place importance on identifying the crux of each problem and, working together with the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, learning through hands-on problem-solving. Another distinctive feature is that our students can choose from over 120 seminars as their personal interests and concerns evolve, and they can attend these seminars from their freshman year. It is this kind of campus environment that produces graduates who combine breadth of vision with specific expertise.

Wealth of Intellectual Stimuli

In keeping with the Keio tradition of “half learning, half teaching,” whereby faculty and students learn from one another, we are committed to making our campus a place where faculty and students constantly challenge the unknown together. The Faculty of Policy Management welcomes students who can express themselves, who have original ideas, and who are highly motivated to play a part in designing the future.

Takeshi Kawazoe
Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University