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Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Forging a bright future through taking on extreme challenges

The Faculty of Environment and Information Studies was created in 1990 based on the concept that our surroundings are the environment, and our interaction with the environment consists of information. Our faculty is not bound to conventional fields of study, but rather makes use of cutting edge science, technology, and design, from genetics and cellular biology on the micro-level, to earth and space on the macro-level. This allows us to produce solutions to the many multifaceted issues faced by society. Seminars on over 100 different themes are held at our university by our friendly and passionate faculty members. By transcending and combining traditional academic fields such as architecture and education, and IT and health science, we are able to contribute to society in ways that have yet to be realized.

A campus for the Unique Minded

Students can join any seminar from their first year as long as they are passionate about the topic and feel capable of participating in it. Our university provides undergraduates with research grants to help them pursue their interests as well. At SFC, we do not “hammer down the nails that stand out,” but rather empower them, and I have no doubt that here you will find your own individuality. I urge you all to make use of the resources at SFC to be audacious in your pursuits, break free from old paradigms, and conquer extreme challenges. Take this opportunity to forge your own future and become leaders in our global society.

With warmest regards,



Yoko Hamada
Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies