Design Engineering and Media Art

In Design Engineering and Media Art field, students study new designs and arts demanded by the twenty-first century. This field deals with the processes relating to media design such as analysis, vision structure, creation, assessment and marketing.

The following introduces some of the projects categorized by research fields:

Visual and Music Design

  • Digital Entertainment Project

    This project lays special emphasis on human emotion and experience while studying digital entertainment designs for the twenty-first century.

  • Documentary Project

    Since multifarious visual experiences are accessible to people in our digital age, this project aims at providing documentaries based on personal histories, which rooted in the contemporary world.

Product and Fashion Design

Projects in product and fashion design field develop new products and fashion designs by using advanced information technology and design theory, as well as constructing its methodologies.

  • Ubiquitous Media Design Project

    This project uses comprehensive design practices, ranging from concept creation to verification of prototypes, to create products for the twenty-first century.

  • Wearable Fashion Project

    This project employs electronic circuit and advanced information technology, such as CAD/CAM, to develop designs for apparel, accessory and interior space.

Space and Communication Design

Projects in space and communication design create systems that enhance human communication and space usage.

  • Ubiquitous Construction Urban Project

    This project uses mobile phones, camera and sensor network to analyze real urban space and style to reconfigure urban architecture.

  • Wireless Communication Project

    This project aims at helping wireless users to acquire or provide information in real space.