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“S-face” vol.24 takes up Associate Professor Takeya Takagi, Faculty of Policy Management

Keio Research Institute at SFC has published the website “S-face” to introduce the researchers to the people of the world. S-face multidirectionally introduce one researcher in a series of articles through three different types of media, that is, a website (English), a video (English) and a PR brochure (English/Japanese). See for details on the following […]

Professor Sayuri Shirai of the Faculty of Policy Management Gives the Yukichi Fukuzawa-Francis Wayland Memorial Lecture

On the 15th of May 1868, the Boshin War had thrown Edo, present-day Tokyo, into a state of chaos. However, despite the battle between the Imperial forces and Tokugawa loyalists raging just five miles from his school, Yukichi Fukuzawa remained calm and continued to give his lecture based on an economics text by the American […]

Keio University(SFC) Promotion Video(60sec)

[Register Now] MOOC in FutureLearn by Prof. Rodney D. Van Meter (Quantum Computing)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 –The series of lectures by Professor Rodney D. Van Meter has just started at  FutureLearn. In the course, he will explain what Quantum Computing is, how it could be useful in our everyday life, approaches for its commercial use, and other related topics. He will present the ideas as clearly as possible, making […]

Keio University Ranks 10th in the 2018 Japan University Rankings just announced by Times Higher Education

Keio University came in at no. 10 in the 2018 Japan University Rankings just announced by Times Higher Education, making Keio the highest-ranked private university on the list. Please follow the link below for the full results: Times Higher Education 2018 Japan University Rankings