Visiting SFC Laboratory: Documentary Film Making with Love

Interview with students in Professor Shuhei Fujita’s research group: Tomohiro Kujirai, fourth-year student, Faculty of Policy Management Yui Sawada, fourth-year student, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies Q: What kind of research are you doing? A: We are making a documentary about a judo team that is made up of part-time high school students. These students […]

International Experts Discuss Global Leadership at SFC Conference

Thursday, March 4, 2010 – Intellectuals from Japan and abroad participated in a GIGA Program workshop titled “Roles of Asian Countries and Regions in Global Information Society, Nurturing Global Leaders,” held at Keio University SFC (SFC). During the day-long workshop, attendees exchanged ideas and practical methods for encouraging the development of proactive leaders in societies […]

Interviews with SFC Faculty: Game Programming and Discovering the Mysteries of Life

Professor Masaru Tomita began his somewhat unusual yet illustrious career by creating and selling video games. From these roots he expanded his work into the realm of artificial intelligence and then to molecular biology. He recounts his difficult, but ultimately fulfilling path to realizing his goals, as well as his fascination with the amazing mechanism […]

Profiles of SFC Research Projects: The “Eliica” Electric Vehicle Development Project

With 100-hp motors in each of its eight wheels, for a total of 800 hp, the electricity-powered car created by Professor Shimizu and his team provides stiff competition to its gasoline-run counterparts, and stands poised to be the first vehicle of its kind to bridge the gap between mere concept and mass production. However the […]

Interviews with SFC Faculty: Measure the Immeasurable: Expanding the Frontiers of Sports

Sports engineering has traditionally focused on the analysis of video images, but Professor Yuji Ohgi has been looking at this field from the perspective of measurement. Driven by the desire to spread the joy of sports, he describes how the potential of sports is expanding as actions previously considered impossible to measure are now being […]

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