Interviews with SFC Faculty: A Boost to Local Communities

Professor Yoshinori Isagai has always believed that “community building starts with building human resources.” With this philosophy in mind, he created the NPO Hosujuku (School for Fledgling Phoenixes) and the Toho Village Vitality Project. In the following interview, Professor Isagai discusses his work and ways through which local Japanese communities can be revitalized. The Social […]

Interviews with SFC Faculty: Stunning designs arise from Observing the Core

Professor Shunji Yamanaka, one of the leading industrial designers in Japan, has been creatively challenging the boundaries between design and science in projects ranging from automobile design to the prosthetic limbs for athletes. In this interview, he speaks about his ideas, vision and memories as a designer. From Manga to Industrial Design During my high […]

Interviews with SFC Faculty: Japanese Policymaking in Changing Times

Professor Ken Jimbo specializes in Japan’s foreign and security policies, with a particular emphasis on the post-9/11 global scenario. This interview explores Professor Jimbo’s views on Japan’s policymaking process in these changing times and his vision of Keio University SFC’s future. Working in Think Tanks I wanted to create a cutting-edge foreign and security policy […]

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