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About Keio University and Keio University SFC (SFC)

Why should I consider studying abroad at Keio University?
Keio University offers students the chance to study their chosen field in depth, while a range of options allows for a wide spread of special interests. A wide range of academic fields are covered in the university’s eleven faculties and fourteen graduate schools each operating independently and offering a broad spectrum of creative and unique educational and research activities. Keio University also has a hospital, business school, law school and foreign language school, and also offers correspondence courses.

Keio University’s Shonan Fujisawa Campus offers a unique learning experience through the participation to various research projects in which students conduct advanced research collaborated with private companies and governmental organizations. The curricula of faculties and graduate schools at SFC aim to nurture leaders who can identify problems and find solutions to them rather than those who can only answer problems that are given to them.

Keio University has a total of 40,000 students, and 5,100 faculty and staff members across its multiple campuses. With about 230 alumni serving as CEOs of major companies and nearly 100 more serving as CEOs of foreign-affiliated companies, Keio University has a reputation for developing leaders in the private sector. A large number of alumni are also prominent figures in various other sectors, including government, science and research, the arts, entertainment and sports.

What is the international community at Keio University SFC like?
There are more than 150 students from about 25 different countries and regions studying at SFC. Every semester SFC holds a welcome party for international students to promote friendship across cultures, and encourage cooperation in study and research.

What are SFC’s term dates? 
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus uses a semester system. The spring semester runs from April 1st to September 21st, and the fall semester runs from September 22nd to March 31st.

Please refer to the academic calendar for more information.

Does Keio University offer open days for international students?
Although there are no open days that are geared specifically toward international students, Keio University holds open campus events that all prospective students are welcome to attend. These events give visitors the chance to see and experience the university’s academic and campus life firsthand.

During SFC’s annual open campus and information session events, prospective students will have opportunities to participate in campus tours and mock classes. They will also receive informational materials and individual consultations that cover questions about student life, scholarships, studying abroad in Japan, extracurricular activities and career development.

SFC welcomes visits from prospective students outside of scheduled open campus and information session days. For details about arranging a campus visit, please refer to the Visiting SFC page.

Where is Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus located?
SFC is located in Fujisawa City, which is in the southern region of Kanagawa Prefecture called Shonan. Situated along the coast of Sagami Bay, the Shonan area is well known for its relaxing, free-spirited culture.
Fujisawa is the economic center of Shonan and has a population of about 410,000 people.

How safe is Shonan Fujisawa Campus and its surrounding areas?
In general Japan is one of the safest places in the world. Street crime is extremely rare, even late at night, and continues to decrease. However, as with any place in the world, common sense should still be applied in situations where the risk of crime is more likely. Students are therefore recommended to avoid walking alone at night, and use public transportation when commuting to the campus. The usual precautions against theft should be taken in crowded places like trains and bars.