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Accommodation and Dining Facilities

What kinds of accommodation are available to international students?

Please refer to the Housing and Living Costs page for more information about accommodation.

What are the costs and types of catering and dining options available to international students?

There are four dining areas on campus. Please refer to the Cafeteria and Co-op page for more details.

Western fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Japanese fast food chains, MOS Burger, Freshness Burger, Lotteria, or First Kitchen, are widely available. These places often offer set meals for around 500 yen. Matsuya, Yoshinoya and Ootoya are popular chains for Japanese-style lunch boxes. Sushi enthusiasts may enjoy kaitenzushi restaurants, which offer reasonable prices and allow customers to choose dishes from a conveyor belt that runs in front of their seats. Drinking water and green tea are usually provided at no extra cost.

Convenience stores are easy to find and offer a variety of ready-made food like rice balls, bread rolls, salads, sandwiches and lunch boxes for as little as ¥100 to ¥500 yen. Complimentary microwaves are available at most convenience stores for heating up food.

For a larger diversity of options, the Tokyo and Yokohama metropolitan areas have tens of thousands of restaurants that serve almost every kind of cuisine in the world at all ranges of the price spectrum.

Is halal food readily available on campus?

On-campus dining facilities, such as Tablier and Ladybird, can prepare halal meals with prior notice. The Subway on campus, and several restaurants and shops near the campus also carry halal food.