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Fees and Financial Aid

What are the tuition and associated fees for the GIGA Program?
Please refer to the Academic Fees page for information regarding these costs.

Are there any additional fees?
Students must purchase textbooks and other educational materials for classes.

Do students have to pay a tuition fee deposit?
There is no deposit requirement.

Can tuition fees be paid in installments?
Tuition fees and other fees can be paid in two installments – one in spring and one in fall – by wiring the appropriate funds to SFC’s designated bank account.

What kinds of financial aid are available to international students?
Please refer to the Financial Aid page for more information regarding this.

What kinds of part-time or work-study jobs are available for international students?
International Students must first apply through the university for permission to engage in part-time work. Once their application has been approved, international students may work for no more than 28 hours per week. In general, the types of jobs open to international students are dependent on their Japanese-language ability. Students are not permitted to work at bars, night clubs, pachinko and mahjong parlors, adult entertainment shops and other similar venues.

How much money should students budget for living expenses?
Please refer to the Housing and Living Costs page for information regarding this.

What kinds of banking services are available to international students in Japan?
International students may open an account at almost any bank in Japan. Most banks will require the presentation of a valid passport, visa and resident card for identification purposes.

The Japan Post may offer the most practical solution for banking needs, as it offers checking and savings accounts, as well as ATM cards and branded credit cards, and has ATMs in many places around Japan, including the more remote areas.

Many ATMs in Japan have limited hours of operation and charge transaction fees that depend on the bank that provides the service. Some ATMs are available for 24 hours during weekdays, but may have shorter hours on weekends. Please check with individual banks about fees and hours of operation.