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Student Support and Facilities

Does SFC offer a student handbook?
Yes, there are handbooks in English available for download from the links below.

What kind of academic advisory or mentoring programs are available to students?
SFC has a comprehensive advisory system in which mentors give individualized counsel to students and assist them with establishing a coherent course of study. Most importantly mentors help students set and follow a clear set of objectives that will enable students to fulfill their academic, research and professional aspirations.
What kind of medical facilities are available to students?
Students may go to the Health Center on campus with illnesses and injuries that occur while on school grounds. Please refer to the center’s homepage for more information. For illnesses or injuries that occur off-campus, students are advised to go to the nearest hospital. A list of hospitals near SFC is included in the living guide produced by Fujisawa City. The guide is available for download from the city’s website.
Is health insurance provided to students?
There are three types of medical insurance systems available to full-time international students at SFC:

National Health Insurance

Students who study in Japan for a full academic year or longer are required to enroll in Japan’s National Health Insurance system, or present evidence of equivalent coverage. Students can register into the system at the National Health Insurance section of the municipal office that presides over their region of residence in Japan. Please refer to the following link for more detailed information.

The JASSO Medical Fee Reimbursement Program

This program is sponsored by the Japanese Student Services Association (JASSO) and assumes that recipients are concurrently registered in the National Health Insurance system. Detailed information can be found in the Student Guide to Japan handbook distributed by JASSO, available for download from here.

Keio Student Health Insurance Reimbursement Scheme

Full-time students of Keio University are provided with the Keio Student Health Insurance. Through this scheme students will be reimbursed 65% of the medical fee for treatment of illnesses, physical injuries or dental issues sustained while in Japan. Please note that receipts and other necessary forms must be submitted in order to receive the reimbursement. Students may apply for the Keio Student Health Insurance Reimbursement Scheme after applying for the JASSO Medical Fee Reimbursement Program (subject to terms and conditions). The Student Life Section at SFC can provide more information about these programs. Address: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-8520 Japan Email: sl@sfc.keio.ac.jp

Are mental counseling services available to international students?
Please refer to the Student Counseling page on the main SFC site for more information regarding counseling services.
What kind of Internet connection is available to Keio students?
SFC was the first university campus in Japan to develop and make use of its own integrated network system on campus. Today SFC features a seamless network environment based on an ultra high speed intra-campus network (10 Gbps to 40 Gbps). The SFC Campus Network System (SFC-CNS) – the basic infrastructure of day-to-day operations on campus – has 10 GB Ethernet lines with optical fiber, as well as wireless connections with over 200 base stations. It provides global IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to all machines on the network.
What kinds of religious services are conducted on campus?
The university itself does not offer any religious services; however many places of worship for various religions can be found in the Kanagawa and Tokyo areas.
Is the campus accessible to students with disabilities?
Most of SFC’s facilities are accessible to students with disablities. Please inform the Student Life Section of any inconveniences or oversights. The staff will work to address all concerns and accommodate all needs. The university also provides support for students with visual and/or aural disabilities by helping them with class notes and project preparation. Please contact the Student Life Section with any requests for assistance. Address: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-8520 Japan Email: sl@sfc.keio.ac.jp