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Handbook for SFC International Students

How to use this handbook:
This handbook summarizes helpful information that you will need when you start to study at Keio University SFC as an international student. Please keep yourself updated through bulletin boards, websites for Keio University students, and course registration guides distributed by your faculty, graduate school, or campus using the terms in this handbook as keywords.

This handbook also includes information about municipal and commercial facilities. Please understand that Keio University does not make any particular recommendations on those facilities and does not take responsibility for any problems that may arise as a result of using those facilities’ services and other information in this handbook.

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How to use this handbookclick
1. Before coming to Japan
1-1 How to find your accommodation or housingclick
1-2 Preparations to make while you are still in your home countryclick
1-3 If you wish to apply for scholarshipsclick
1-4 Bringing your familyclick
2. Right after arriving in Japan
2-1 Receiving your Residence Cardclick
2-2 Renting an Apartmentclick
2-3 Gas, Water and Electricityclick
2-4 Registration of Residenceclick
2-5 Individual Number (My number)click
2-6 Furnishing an apartmentclick
2-7 Opening a Bank Accountclick
2-8 Telephone Serviceclick
2-9 Internetclick
3. Getting in and around Tokyo, Yokohama and Shonandai
3-1 Direction from airports to SFCclick
3-2 Buses between Shonandai and SFC areaclick
3-3 How to take a train or subway in the Tokyo metropolitan areaclick
3-4 Transportations in Tokyo and Yokohama Areasclick
4. Living in Japan
4-1 Living Expensesclick
4-2 Foodclick
4-3 Garbage Disposalsclick
4-4 Part-time jobsclick
4-5 Student Organizationsclick
4-6 Renewing your status of residenceclick
4-7 Leaving Japan for a short period of timeclick
4-8 Movingclick
4-9 Japanese Pension Serviceclick
4-10 Registration of Birthclick
5. Medical Care and Healthclick
6. Emergenciesclick
7. Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC)
7-1 Campus Facilities and Student Servicesclick
7-2 Bulletin Boards and important websitesclick
8. Calendar April 2019-March 2020click
9. Career Development and After Graduationclick
9-1 Seeking Employment in Japanclick
9-2 Leaving Japanclick
10. Sources and useful linksclick
11. Flowclick