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ジャーナル » Fall Commencement 2017 Sees the Graduates of the GIGA Program

Thursday, September 14, 2017 –The Fall Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony was held in the West School Building Hall of Mita Campus on September 14th. There were 271 graduates in total and 67 from the Faculty of Policy Management; and 63 from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies including 13 GIGA Students.

Graduates at the Fall Commencement Ceremony

Graduates at the Fall Commencement Ceremony

One of the GIGA students, Rohan Wadhwa from India (the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies) gave a speech in fluent Japanese to represent the graduating class.

Rohan Wadhwa gave a speech to represent the graduating class

In his speech, Rohan quoted “The Father” of his home country, Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” He explained how through his studies he became determined to take on the many problems in our world such as disparity and environmental issues. He noted that although Japan lagged behind in internationalization, his having the opportunity to speak here today showed that Keio was taking the lead in this effort.

GIGA Program graduates were called and everyone at the ceremony gave them a warm applause for their achievement. They received their diplomas and GIGA Certificates from Professor Jun Murai, Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. In a thoughtful gesture from the Dean, family and friends of the graduates were invited to come up on stage to get the best shot of the students receiving their diplomas.

Graduates were handed their diploma

Here are their graduation projects, advice and comments to future GIGA students who are thinking about applying to the GIGA Program.

– My graduation project is Foreign Direct Investment in Uzbekistan “What are the main obstacles to introducing Japanese investment and how can we attract lucrative projects?” and I presented my project at ORF (Open Research Forum). My mentor was Professor Jiro Kokuryo, who is also the Vice President of Keio University, and he helped me a lot. He has tons of new ideas and suggestions for students. He always asks questions while we present on our project which is really helpful. It encourages us to do more research and produce the best research project possible.

– Entering the GIGA Program is one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life. Four years of university life flew by very quickly, but I can confidently say that it was filled with some of the most valuable moments I have ever had. I met other GIGA students from all over the world and have many other unforgettable memories. My GIGA classmates have made a very tight bond throughout the years and I hope it will continue into the future.

– My project was on a new network coding protocol for quantum networking based on measurement-based quantum computing (MBQC), which can be used to improve the network throughput for certain traffic patterns. Exploiting MBQC simplified the circuit depth (steps) for completing the task by 52% compared to the scheme introduced in 2012. I would like to advise you all to join a research group at an early stage to make your undergraduate life a lot more meaningful.

– My tips and recommendations for all students are the following:

  1. Learn Japanese. This will open more doors to you and make your life a lot easier.
  2. Coursework at SFC is very liberal. I strongly recommend finding the subjects you like and building a strong fundamental framework while still pursuing different subjects.
  3. One must keep looking proactively for opportunities and take as many as possible.
  4. Because GIGA students graduate in September, I recommend that students start job-hunting from their second semester of 3rd year in April.
  5. Join a kenkyukai as early as you can.

– The GIGA program is not only about learning programming or international affairs but is also a great chance for students to get to learn Japanese culture and meet different people from many different countries. Living in Japan is a thrilling experience you will never forget.

– I would like to thank everyone in the Gakuji and the Student Life Section for all their help throughout my four years. Without their help, I don’t think I would have lasted at Keio. I would also like to thank them deeply for their effort to make SFC a better environment for incoming students. I look forward to the results of the never ending experiments at SFC.

– I will miss Keio University and I will come back to visit sometime if I have a chance.

Graduates from SFC took a photo together with Deans and Professors

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