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ジャーナル » (English) The Fall 2017 Keio University Entrance Ceremony -Sees the New students of the GIGA Program

The Entrance Ceremony was held on Friday, September 15, 2017, in the West School Building Hall of Mita Campus. A total of 350 new undergraduate students enrolled this fall, with 44 in the Faculty of Policy Management; 46 in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies including 57 new GIGA students.

In a welcome address, Keio University President Akira Haseyama encouraged the new students to gain independence and self-respect through their learning experiences at Keio University. He warned of the dangers of being influenced by current trends and the opinions of others, and urged the incoming students to identify the true nature of things while acting upon their own judgements. He also advised international students to learn the history of Keio and Japanese culture, and stated that by interacting with various people, we can overcome differences among cultures through peaceful measures that are grounded on scholarship.

Next, Professor Taro Ozawa from the Faculty of Policy Management gave a congratulatory address on behalf of the staff and faculty members at Keio University. The welcome and congratulatory addresses were given in both English and Japanese for the many international students who were present. Professor Ozawa closed his speech with the following words: “it is expected that the demands of our society will only increase in the future. Solving the complex issues we face will require new ideas supported by logical thought and good value judgement. I expect many profound ideas from all of you entering the university, and offer you my most sincere welcome.”

Orientation for new GIGA students took place on the same day, which began with messages from Dean Jun Murai and Dean Takeshi Kawazoe. The deans stated that students are responsible to reach out for the information they need, and explained that SFC was created to accept diversity so that students may inspire one another. They also wished that all students enjoy their lives at SFC.After the message, professors at SFC gave presentations on data science introductory courses and student life. Other than the 124 credits required for graduation, students are not subject to many restrictions and are free to take any class they want. “Circles” (student clubs) were introduced, and GIGA alumni who happened to be on campus were invited to speak about them. Students received information on disaster prevention, and were then introduced to SFC’s unique language courses, which feature extensive education for 11 different languages.

The new GIGA students were dressed nicely and smiled joyfully at the ceremony.
Good luck with your studies at SFC and your new life in Japan!