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(English) GIGA Certificate

Applying for the GIGA Certificate

Students who want to acquire the GIGA Certificate are required to apply using the designated form at the specified timing. It is possible to apply for the GIGA Certificate regardless of type of admissions process used to enter Keio University. Students of faculties other than the Faculty of Policy Management, and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies may also apply for the GIGA Certificate. Students who apply for the GIGA Certificate will become candidates for the GIGA Certificate, and will receive information pertinent to acquiring the certificate. This system applies to students who enter from April 2015 and beyond.

GIGA Certificate (Information/Governance)

The GIGA Certificate can be earned in one of two fields: Information or Governance. Students should select at time of application for which field they want to acquire a GIGA Certificate. In order to receive a GIGA Certificate, 40 or more credits must be earned from among GIGA Certificate courses, and the foreign language requirement must be fulfilled.
Details will be announced as soon as they are determined.

GIGA Certificate for Students who Entered in Academic Year 2014 or Before

Students who acquire the required number of credits from GIGA courses will be awarded a GIGA Program Certificate at the time of graduation.

GIGA Certificate Courses

GIGA Certificate courses are conducted in English. All coursework, assignments, and examinations for GIGA Certificate courses are conducted in English. Students who wish to obtain the GIGA Certificate should therefore have the necessary level of English to fully comprehend and participate in classes.
・GIGA Certificate courses are announced at the end of each academic year.
・64 GIGA Certificate courses are being offered at SFC in Academic Year 2014.
・In addition, courses currently being offered only in Japanese may be offered in English in the future.