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Journal » Event for SFC International Students (Enoshima Sightseeing Tour)

In response to a request from The Fujisawa City Tourist Association, SFC held the “monitor tour” on February 9 (Thursday) with SFC international students to ask their impressions on Enoshima and its surroundings.

(image) Enoshima and Mt.Fuji from the website of Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra corporation Fujisawa City Tourist Association

Setting out in hopes of a clear winter day, the students were met with clouds, rain, and a temperature of no more than 41°F with a possibility of snow. Unfortunately, the clouds persisted into the afternoon, obscuring the beautiful coastline and distant view of Mt. Fuji from Enoshima Bridge.

Meeting at 1:00 p.m., the students first headed to the new Enoshima aquarium. It was bustling with visitors despite being a weekday, and the students saw a dolphin show, sharks, stingray, and a variety of colorful fish.

Next, they headed up the “Benzaiten Nakamise” main street to the Kinokuniya store on the right. Inside, they ate “Meoto Manju,” a steamed bun stuffed with sweet bean paste, which came in varieties of brown, with “tsubuan,” and white, with “koshian.” After getting wet from the rain, the freshly made manju warmed the students up from within.

Next, rather than ascending the steep stone steps for 20 minutes, the students took a four minute escalator ride up the island. At Enoshima shrine, a priest gave them a history of the island and its shrines, explaining that many artists and kabuki actors came to the island to worship the god of art.

Nearing 5 o’clock, the group headed to the lighthouse. Along with the Samuel Cocking Garden, the lighthouse is one of the island’s most notable sightseeing spots, and it features an illumination at night that is magical beyond just any light-up. The display of light remained subdued in the lingering daylight, but after sunset, the real show began. A whirling tunnel of light emerged from the darkness, and the students voyaged into its depths.

Starting to get cold, the students took off next toward LONCAFE in the Samuel Cocking Garden. There, they enjoyed a short rest among the beautiful scenery and more importantly, enjoyed sweets and tea. The chance to relax and talk with one another was a welcome break for the students, who had until now been moving from one sight to the next.

Lastly, the group left Enoshima by taxi and headed to the sushi restaurant “Satsumaya” near Fujisawa-Honmachi station. The head chef politely presented sushi rolls and nigiri to the students, and after enjoying sushi they made themselves, the memorable “monitor tour” came to an end at 9:00 p.m.