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Journal » High School Students Visit SFC in the “Sakura Science Program”

On Friday, May 19, high school students visited SFC in the “Sakura Science Program.” Operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the program provides high school students from Asian countries with opportunities to come in contact with Japan’s advanced technologies and scientists. Each year students visit SFC through the program, and this year 61 high school students and supervising teachers visited from Malaysia and the Philippines.

★Students taking a walk on campus

After arriving, the students walked through the green campus toward the Omega building, a large lecture hall. On the way, they saw the SBC (Student Build Campus) Center, the base of a project where students build the facilities they live and study in, and the Fab Lab, which is equipped with 3D printers and other equipment. The students also took their picture in front of the Fukuzawa Yukuchi statue.

In the Omega building, Professor Tatsuya Hagino from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies gave a welcome speech, in which he described Keio and the interdisciplinary curriculum at SFC, introduced research, and explained the GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) Program in which all credits can be earned in English.

★Professor Hagino explains SFC and the GIGA Program

Next, Professor Takuya Onishi from the same faculty gave a mock lecture on “Designing Energy for a Better Society,” allowing the students to experience the feel of a real class and the style of learning at SFC.

★Professor Onishi’s Lecture

Lastly, Professor Yoko Hasabe from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies gave an interactive session, in which the students watched a video on student life at SFC, and actively participated in discussion among themselves and current students regarding what they want to do at SFC and interests.

★Students asking advice from current SFC students

★Group work in which students think about what they want to do at SFC

After the session, the students ate at a buffet at the Italian restaurant on campus. The most popular dish was the halal grilled chicken, and the high school students enjoyed conversing with current SFC students and teaching staff.

★The students enjoying lunchtime

★Everyone smiling happily with Professor Onishi

★A picture in memory of the wonderful time at SFC