срочный займ на карту

Journal » Kite flying event held as part of the courses in the Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

On a Saturday afternoon, April 15, the customary kite flying event was held on the Shonan Fujisawa Campus Miraisozojuku west block. The kite was handmade around five years ago by student volunteers from SFC under the guidance of the Endo area “Kite Association.”

Japanese kites are usually in the shape of a rectangle, although the Sagami area is famous for those in the shape of a square. The giant kite used in the event reaches nearly 7 and a half square meters. It has become a custom in the spring for first-year students to raise up such a large kite with the help of the local “Kite Association” as part of their courses in the Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of the Environment and Information Studies.

With the Japanese word for “夢 (Dream)” written on it, the giant kite flew stable and high into the sky for hours in gentle spring weather and ideal winds. The deans from both faculties joined as well, and as shouts roared from students and participants in excitement, the students, locals, and staff united in learning to produce a scene truly representative of SFC.

It was an impressive event for all, as the giant kite flew high into the air symbolizing and carrying the dreams of each and every student with it. The kite is now being displayed in the Alpha building lobby.