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Journal » Professor Akira Haseyama, Current Vice-President, Named Next President of Keio University

With the conclusion of the current President’s term of office on May 27, the Keio University Board of Councillors selected Professor Akira Haseyama of the Faculty of Letters and current Vice-President as the next President of Keio University on April 20. His term of office will commence on May 28, 2017 for a period of four years until May 27, 2021

Short Biography
Professor Akira Haseyama
Born in 1952 (age 64) and holder of a Doctor of Laws.
He received his Bachelor’s degrees from Keio University’s Faculty of Law in 1975 and Faculty of Letters in 1979, and completed the course requirements for the Graduate School of Letters’ doctoral program in 1984. After serving as professor in the Faculty of Law at Surugadai University, he became a professor at the Faculty of Letters at Keio University in 1997. He was appointed Dean of Students in 2001, became the Dean of the Faculty of Letters in 2007 and the Director of the Keio Institute of Oriental Classics, and has served as Vice-President of Keio University since 2009.
Among other appointments, he is also a board member of the Japan Legal History Association and a councillor for the Society for the Study of Diplomatics in Japan.
He specializes in Japanese legal history.