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Journal » The 29th Tanabata Festival was held

On Saturday, July 7, around 11,300 people gathered at SFC for the 29th Tanabata Festival. The theme this year was “Shunsai,” or “Color the Moment,” referring to the brilliant expression of smiles, excitement, and elevated emotions aimed for with the event.

The campus was covered with decorations of the Milky Way and star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi, with participants wearing traditional Japanese summer kimonos called “yukatas” to create an event bursting with seasonal atmosphere. The summer festival came alive with various stage performances such as concerts and dances, as well as a traditional “mikoshi” shrine carrying and bon dance. The customary fireworks also took place, lighting up the night sky above the festival in vivid color.

Many participants brought their families too, with children playing target practice and water balloon fishing in excitement, or enjoying other activities such as making candies with their parents. Mitakai Alumni attended and SFC graduates operated a refreshment booth, leaving various memories in the hearts of locals and graduates as well.

Photography: Shinji Hizume