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News » The 28th Tanabata Festival was held

On July 1st (Saturday), the 28th Tanabata Festival was held at SFC. This year’s theme was “en,” a Japanese word for “circle” or “connection.” Aside from the “en” among the participants and local community, there were also performances, plays, support for students, and cheering, each word using the containing “en” in Japanese. The president of Keio University, Akira Haseyama, joined the event, with around 10,800 other participants.


Participants wore traditional Japanese summer kimonos called “yukatas” among the hanging Orihime and Hikoboshi decorations to celebrate the season. Many families joined the event as well, and the children had a great time as they yelled in excitement during the Japanese game “struckout,” and enjoyed making original Japanese fans at a workshop. The day was filled with excitement, featuring concerts, various stage performances, and a traditional “mikoshi” shrine carrying and bon dance.

Bon Dance

SFC graduates introduced the refreshment booth that will debut this year, further deepening the “en” between graduates and SFC. Once the sun set, the customary fireworks took place, symbolizing the “en” among the gathered crowds with their beautiful, circular designs.