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Other Features

Half-semester System

From April 2014, the Faculty of Policy Management, and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies began a new curriculum incorporating a half-semester system. The new curriculum further diversifies the forms in which courses are offered, and the number of courses offered in the half-semester system is increasing. When introduction of the half-semester system is complete, students will be able to study abroad for half a year without taking a leave of absence, giving students increased flexibility in making study plans for their four years at the university.

3.5-Year Early Graduation System

Students with superior achievements, such as outstanding academic grades, who have satisfied the requirements for graduation from the Faculty of Policy Management or the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, may graduate after 3.5 years (7 semesters) of enrollment. This system aims to support those who, for example, entered in September and will take up employment in April, or those who entered in April and will advance to universities abroad.

Transferable Credits Earned before Entering the Master’s Program 

Students enrolled in the Faculty of Policy Management or the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies may register Program Courses taught at the Graduate School of Media and Governance. Any such student who advances to the Graduate School of Media and Governance after graduation may then have up to eight credits counted towards the master’s program (Does not apply to courses taught jointly with either undergraduate faculty.)

Early Graduate School Entry

Students who have completed their third year or the first semester of their fourth year of undergraduate studies may enter the Graduate School of Media and Governance as a first year graduate student. This is possible due to the fact that the processes for the identification and resolution of problems are implemented in a continuous and seamless manner from the initial stages of undergraduate study through to the final stage of graduate study, and the curricula have been designed to facilitate this type of early entry. Further, there is a system that allows for completion of the master’s program in one year, thus making it possible for students to earn a master’s degree in as little as four years after entering as an undergraduate. In order to apply to this system, all eligibility requirements must be met. Please confirm details in the Media and Governance Application Guidebook when making your application.

Internal Recommendation to the Graduate School of Media and Governance

The Graduate School of Media and Governance has a special application through internal recommendation for current students of the Keio University Faculty of Policy Management, and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.

Internships and Fieldwork

Students at SFC are encouraged to take part in off-campus study and research activities in conjunction with academic activities on campus. By obtaining verification of results in actual society through off-campus activities, students can discover new issues and challenges that expand their research.
At SFC, opportunities for a wide variety of off-campus study are available in the form of study abroad, fieldwork, internships, etc. Among these, the internship allows students to further pursue their research themes beyond on-campus research activities through real work experience, as well as gives direction to future career paths.
The courses “Field Research 1” and “Field Research 2” allow students to earn credits for fieldwork or internships undertaken during the spring and summer breaks. Through fieldwork or internships related to their individual research themes, students aim to produce concrete results.