Courses of the GIGA Program

The diverse fields of research at SFC are categorized into INFORMATION or GOVERNANCE. The GIGA Program courses of these fields aim to develop students into leaders who can identify and create solutions to complex, wide-ranging problems in society.


—Fields related to the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Until now, the “I” of the GIGA Program stood for “ICT,” but from September 2015, the “I” will represent “Information.” “Information” here represents the concept on which the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies is based upon—the environment is what surrounds people, and interaction with the environment is, in essence, information. As with the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, the GIGA Program aims to produce graduates who can approach unresolved issues and create solutions by being well-versed in the latest science and technology, and design, and have the ability and flexibility to integrate the humanities and the social sciences.

Main Fields of Research in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Novel Computing and Communication Systems FieldInternet Systems and Applications, System Software and Information Security,
Ubiquitous Computing and Networking, Knowledge and Information Systems
Design Engineering and Media Art FieldVisual and Music Design, Product and Fashion Design,
Space and Communication Design
Advanced Biosciences FieldEnvironmental Biotechnology, Biomedical Science, Genome Science,
Systems Biology
Environmental Design FieldGlobal Environment and Technologies, Spatial Informatics,
Ecology and Landscape, Architecture and Urban Design
Human Environment FieldCognitive Science, Sports and Skill Sciences, Ergonomics and Human Interface, Sociology and Psychology
Please note that at this point in time, not all of the courses are offered in English. Currently, courses offered in English are mainly in the Novel Computing & Communication Systems Field.


—Fields related to the Faculty of Policy Management

From September 2015, “Governance” in the GIGA Program will represent a wide spectrum of social sciences including the fields of public, private, and non-profit sectors; the scope of international, national, and local dimensions; and new domains such as space and cyber space. The Faculty of Policy Management will offer wide-ranging fields of research and multidisciplinary approaches to solve the problems of our time. Students are expected to tackle issues of their own interests through investigation of the issues, formulation of policies, implementation, and evaluation—the whole spectrum of the governance cycle.

“Governance” aspects in the GIGA Program will start with the opening of courses offered in English in the field of international strategy and social innovation under the Faculty of Policy Management. The GIGA Program will expand its scope to offer a wider range of opportunities including fields such as local governance, business management, finance, urban planning, in the near future.

Main Fields of Research and Courses in the Faculty of Policy Management

Policy Design FieldEconomics and Public Finance, Public Policy-making and Society,
Law and Institution
Social Innovation FieldSocial Entrepreneurship, Social Venture Management,
Designing Information Society
International Strategy FieldInternational Political Economy, Regional Strategy, Human Security, Language, Culture and Communication
Business and Administration FieldBusiness and Management Strategy, Financial Engineering and Valuation, Career Development
Urban and Regional Strategy FieldEnvironmental Policy, Urban and Local Policy,
Housing and Community Policy
Please note that not all courses listed above will be offered in English at the start of the New GIGA Program in Fall 2015. Courses offered in English will be added in stages.

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